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Just some drawings ive done, as well as others drawings too. c:



bad love by Telemaniakk

The pen detail is very Clean and neat, not to mention the proportions are magnificently detailed as well as the perspective. All in all...


                                                                    Letting go…Finally?

Akane stared blankly out to the big city buildings outside the MWPSB headquarters.
It had now been three years since she had last seen her partner. His shaggy, raven black hair and sullen pale blue eyes haunted her thoughts through each year he was gone. She was rendered entirely helpless. Crippled by her emotionlessness and confusion. She wasn't able to cry or get angry. The only thing she could do was ask herself "Where are you, When are you coming back, and will I ever see you again..?" Each question kept flowing through her head.The pain of loneliness she felt without him could easily have been enough to cloud any ordinary person's Psycho-pass. Luckily, Akane Tsunemori was as strong as oak when it came to mental health. Her hue, despite losing Yuki, her bestfriend, and her grandmother to another one of her so-called ex-partners, her hue was still powder blue, and as pristine as it was since birth.  
She wanted to see- no. She NEEDED to see him again. But how? How could she possibly go back and look for him? He's a latent criminal now. He killed Shougo Makishima after he was under strict orders not to do so. She knew trying to hunt him down now would be signing his death certificate for him. After all, Sybl would never allow it. She was a cooperate puppet of Sybl. She had to be in order to get where she was now. A top-notch inspector that enforced the law when law was in jeopardy. Still, she couldn't seem to shake him from her thoughts. She was desperate to see him again. The last time she saw him, he was considered to be a terrorist even though he was protecting citizens of Shamballa from the malevolent clutches of both The Sybil System, and a newly formed government organization within SEAUn. He was on the run at this point. Constantly trying to dodge anything that would mean death and at the same time, protecting those from an unjust way of living. This was his life now. She needed to accept that but... she still hoped the day he could return. So he could, at the very least, to give her a proper goodbye. She lit a cigarette. His favorite kind. She never smoked them, she just liked the scent. She'd often light one before bed, hoping the smell would seep into her clothes. To her, this was nostalgic. It brought her back to the days when he was around. Enforcer Shinya Kogami. "It's seems like it was so long ago." She sighed. "I miss you so much, you big jerk" She dropped the cigarette on the concrete and stepped on it. Walking back into the building with a sullen look on her face. She couldn't bear the feeling of such loneliness any longer. She was finally moving on.
. . .
Or so she thought.
Hey people,Molly here. Soooo I'm thinking about posting some of my writing on here. I already have another Wattpad account so if you'd rather read there, my account name is @MollyJohnson7. However, if I do upload my fanfics on here they will probably be updated more frequently on here rather than the would be on there since I can't write from two devices. So, if you're impatient in terms of writing updates,like I am sometimes, reading my stories here might be the best of options. XD
Papyrus's Tears Yo! So I know it's been a while but I've just been very inactive lately. It's almost been a year! Holy woah. But anyways, I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm back now and better than ever! I also wanted to take moment to thank everyone who's stuck with me over the years and helped me grow as an artist and a person. Thank you so much for putting up with me! I love you guys!
I'm sorry I couldn't be there right by your side.
I'm sorry I live so far away.
I'm sorry I didn't make my feelings clear enough.
I'm sorry I couldn't stay.
I'm sorry I feel for you so quickly
I'm sorry I'm so weak.
I'm sorry I got my hopes up.
I'm sorry I lost sleep over you.
I'm sorry I wanted to save you.
I'm sorry I apologize a lot.
I'm sorry for thinking you liked me.
I'm sorry for comforting you when you were thinking of suicide
I'm sorry now that I'm thinking about it to.
I'm sorry if that sounds pathetic.
I'm sorry, you know it's true.
I'm sorry for sounding so selfish, 
I'm sorry to say it now, but...
I actually used to love you...
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Molly Johnson
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United States
I love drawing manga and anime my current works will be uploaded soon and those who know me know I love jthm and invader zim!
Oh my god you have no idea XD
I am like obsessed with creepypasta and anything creepy for that matter XD I'm just an insane 16 year old girl c:

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